Math tips

Practice those addition and subtraction facts within 20.  Make sure your child can count by 2s, 5s, and 10s.  Work on counting to at least 120 by 1s.

Reading Tips

Read, read, read, read, and read.  Be a role model for your child.  Take time to read yourself.  Children learn the value of reading when we take the time to do it for ourselves.  Do think alouds while you read to them.  Children do not always know that we are actively thinking about characters and story problems or that we are making predictions or even rereading for clarity.  Break reading into smaller pieces until it is clear your child can summarize or answer basic questions about the text they are listening to or reading.  Please continue to read aloud to your child.  They gain so much more than you know.  They learn to love reading by spending that time with you.  They learn new sight words and vocabulary and they even learn what it sounds like to be a fluent reader.


I would absolutely love to have an extra pair of hands to work with students during workstation time.  Whether it is listening to a child read, running a reading or math game, working on math facts, or assisting in the writing process, your help is very valuable.

Important Dates

Always refer to any email updates or SeeSaw reminders sent out.  Most importantly, review your child’s homework/newsletter in your child’s binder.

Things to ask your child

Never settle for “good” as an answer to how was your day.  If your child is not very forthcoming, ask them about lunch or recess then find out more about their day by asking what they read or wrote about.  Inquire what they did in math.  It’s important to ask them about their friendships the good and the bad so that you can help them problem solve if needed.

Things to share with me

What goals do you have for your child?  What does your child excel in?  What areas are weaker?  How much time does it take your child to practice spelling or word wall words?  How about homework?  What drives (motivates) your child to want to do well?  What interests your child?

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